Asia: Home to 4.4 billion people, over 60% of the worlds population.

Most of these people have never encountered the love of Jesus in a loving and healthy local church. We need your help to change this!

Come and be a part of what God is doing in the local church in an Asian mega city.

Lifehouse is a young and dynamic International Church with locations all over Asia. Launching in Tokyo in 2002, Lifehouse has grown rapidly into a global Church planting movement.

What began with a group of 10 young missions interns from Australia lead by founding and Senior Pastors Rod and Viv Plummer, Lifehouse has quickly expanded and has 16 locations across Asia, with more to come!

Lifehouse mission internships are all about building the local church in Asia. Interns enjoy a life-changing missions experience that will grow their faith, broaden their understanding of the Global kingdom of God, and provide valuable practical training in ministry skills through on-the-job training. All of this happens in the context of a healthy and life giving local church, that will provide leadership, coaching and supervision as interns get their “hands dirty” and jump into ministry.

The Lifehouse Missionary Internship is designed to bridge the gap between short-term mission trip experiences and the prospect of long-term missions commitments by providing a place to experience first hand what it might look like to serve abroad.

This internship is best suited for people currently enrolled in ministry internship programs or who are active and committed to service in their current churches. If you’ve been feeling drawn toward missions and are curious about what it might be like to serve abroad, this internship is designed for you. This experience is sure to change the way you understand the world of missions.


Watch this short video to get a taste for what a Lifehouse Missions Team Trip or Internship is like!

3 types of Missions Internships

Summer Internships

3 months in an Asian city

Semester Internships

Around 5-6 months in an Asian city

Working Internships

1 year of working to support yourself while you complete your internship in an Asian city (Must be able to get a visa and find a job)


Internship Locations

Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Indonesia


3 months (Summer Program), 5 – 6 months (Semester Program), 1 year (Working Program)

Type of Ministry

Urban outreach and evangelism mixed with other service opportunities in the church


Approved Guesthouse

Physical Demands



Depends on program length and location

Application Procedure

Step 1

Discuss with your pastors and family

Step 2

Submit Online Application

Step 3

Video Interview

Step 4

Confirm all Documents

Step 5

Direct contact with internship location Church leaders

What we provide

A life-changing experience in an Asian mega-city that will both stretch you and leave behind lasting fruit (changed lives!) in a local church.

Practical help and assistance in getting your life set up in a foreign city

Simple, clean and safe accommodation

Coaching and oversight by seasoned and experienced church leaders and pastors

Opportunities to further apply and develop your ministry skills, and discover and further understand the unique call of God on your life

A written reference letter from a Lifehouse pastor upon the successful completion of the internship*

*at the discretion of church leadership

What you need

A strong character reference and endorsement from your local pastor

Finance to support yourself while overseas (either by raising the funds, or working during your internship)

Absence of any large consumer debt or finance owed

Over the age of 18

Complete 5 step application process

What we expect

Love Jesus, the local church, His Word, and display godly values according to scripture

Open your heart to Asia and its people

Heart to reach the lost, meet new people, and serve the church

Strong motivation, work ethic, and a “can-do” spirit (willingness and desire to get in there and try and do whatever it takes!)

Teachable spirit and an adventurous positive attitude

Ability to live and operate independently (with oversight given) and display initiative

Ability to operate well in a team and under established church leadership

Willingness to follow a schedule

Happy to live in a basic apartment.


Let us know if you have any questions before applying.



Gender (required)

Internship Type

Preferred Location